Reaching out to the market

Through email and direct marketing campaigns

Direct Marketing

If you have an established customer-base or know the individuals within your target market, direct mail or email marketing can be a very effective way of maintaining loyalty and driving sales.

One of the key aspects of direct marketing is maintaining an accurate, up-to-date database of contacts. We can help you clean-up your CRM system or contact lists, as well as drawing more insight and creating meaningful interest groups from the data.

For the best impact we create integrated campaigns, working with you to develop compelling offers and supporting material online. We offer real-time monitoring so you can add effective telesales follow-up, making contact with the best prospects and qualifying new sales opportunities.

We can also help you keep in touch with existing customers. Whether your audience prefers to sit down with a traditional newsletter or read emails on the go, we will help you prepare and present content that keeps your products and services uppermost in their minds.

Who should you be talking to today?

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