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Your marketing: focused or free-range?

This is a summary of an article originally published in The Marketer, the publication for members of The Chartered Institute of Marketing:

The main thrust of the article is that successful businesses don’t allow marketing to ‘run free’, they take specific steps to set marketing goals that are closely linked to sales and business strategies.

Here are the top four tips I drew out of it: Read More »

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Why is marketing such hard work (and how can a toddler help you approach it better)?

Marketing challenges. Let's show you an easier way.Have you noticed how some companies seem to have a real flair for marketing, how they instinctively pick the right activities, events and online techniques to – almost effortlessly – create great publicity and sales contacts for themselves?

Meanwhile other more technical or complex products and services require so much more investment and hard graft to generate anything like the same level of interest.

So what’s making all the difference? More to the point, how can you achieve the same kind of success? And could a toddler really show you how to become a better marketer?

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Marketing results

Over the last few years, the marketing profession has been increasingly focused on demonstrating return on investment – and rightly so, as investors/clients have no desire to throw budget into a creative black hole. But measuring the wrong things can be detrimental, as thought leader Seth Godin recently posted. Read More »

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Solution to disappearing App Tabs in Firefox

If you use App Tabs in Firefox you’ll know how frustrating it is when you get to your PC in the morning, open up the browser and find they have all disappeared. This is due to a badly thought-out bit of programming and there doesn’t seem to be a direct solution. That’s why I have created my own little bit of code to fix it. Read More »

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Twitter and LinkedIn separation is another sign of social media growing-up

In an insightful article by Mike Isaac, there is a great discussion of who the winners and losers are likely to be, now that Twitter has cut ties with LinkedIn. One commentator suggested that LinkedIn is a minority network and so few will care that Twitter gets stronger while others fall by the wayside. But I see it very differently. To me, this is a clear sign that social media is starting to really grow-up.

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