Creating clear, compelling sales messages

Developing strong sales messages with clear competitive differentiation for a computer security device

KeySecurePC is an innovative security product, which helps professionals and businesses to properly protect confidential data without the need for IT expertise. We have helped them develop clear competitive differentiation and strong marketing messages.

We were first approached by their International Sales Manager, who was concerned that their existing marketing was too technical and not sufficiently persuasive. She asked us to look in detail at their product and develop clear, compelling propositions for specific markets.

The competitive analysis that we created is already proving to be a powerful tool, both for recruiting and equipping distribution channels worldwide. Having quickly acquired a theoretical and hands-on understanding of the product, we researched key competitors, investigating their features, strengths and weaknesses. The insight that we gathered was then condensed into a clear table of competitors, perfectly pitched to show this great product in its best light.

From this start point we have also developed messaging and texts for a range of marketing materials – from an exhibition stand and show guide, through to the storyboard and script for a video presentation. We have been careful to use clear language throughout, suitable for audiences in the UK, North America and other international markets.

Building from these new marketing messages, KeySecurePC has been successfully launched and taken on by major distributors in Europe and the Middle East.

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