PSD Codax

Leveraging PR to raise their profile in the trade

Reaching resellers and customers through sustained PR in the trade press

As the leading manufacturer of access controllers for carwash and jet wash machines, PSD Codax had historically allocated a significant proportion of their marketing budget to advertising in the trade press. However we reckoned that reducing advertising and replacing some of that spend with PR – to gain editorial coverage – would almost certainly deliver better value and be more effective in reinforcing the Codax brand.

Working with their Managing Director, we identified a wider selection of publications and online services used by their target audience, focusing particularly on those in strategic markets. Over the following months we researched and wrote press releases, focusing on high profile customers and roll-outs of new products. We also worked with key journalists to produce in-depth pieces for their scheduled features.


Over the first year of this new PR campaign, PSD Codax has received excellent coverage in the print, web and email editions of UK, European and international trade journals. Every month distributors and potential customers are seeing news coverage with further evidence of Codax’ innovation and market leadership – keeping them up there as the clear choice for access control.

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