Marketing strategy for Saeker Systems

Developing a marketing strategy for innovative software and consultancy

Saeker – Marketing strategy for innovative new software and app

Saeker are respected health and safety experts. They have developed an innovative software platform and app that captures their expertise and allows them to serve many more clients than with traditional consultancy alone.


Saeker are trusted by some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry. They are committed to providing a personal service to clients but at the same time want to roll out their new app-based offering to many more, smaller hotel and restaurant chains.

Before investing in business development activity, they wanted to develop a marketing strategy that would give them strong marketing messages and a clear basis for sales and marketing activities.

Aligning with business goals

The first step in developing a marketing strategy was to draw out and clarify the business goals.  We established target figures for revenue growth, changing the revenue split (consulting/software) and reducing operational reliance on the Director.

Defining target markets

The new software will enable Saeker to target many more companies than their salespeople could possibly handle. It was essential that we decide where marketing and lead-generation activity should be focused, now and in the longer-term.

We agreed a set of criteria for defining market segments, based on essential and desirable customer characteristics. These were based on pragmatic and readily available indicators, including health and safety risks, access to in-house expertise and expected budgets.

Marketing strategy for Saeker focusing on customers

Identifying sales opportunities

To support effective lead generation and bring in immediate revenues, we identified specific situations where people and organisations are most likely to be receptive to Saeker’s proposition.

Together we worked out several indicators from social media and other public sources that would highlight good potential opportunities. At the same time, we agreed regular sales activities and simple systems to help uncover these leads and maximise the conversion of ongoing opportunities.

Focusing on ROI (return on investment)

To ensure good value from marketing and lead generation, we established a baseline of what different customers are typically worth and how leads convert into sales. Together we evaluated the different types of customers and associated sales values. We worked out the typical steps of the sales process and estimated conversion rates between each stage.

From this we developed a simple framework that makes it easier to decide which marketing and lead generation activities are likely to be a good use of their time and money, and to evaluate which marketing activities lead to the greatest sales success.


The Director and Business Development Manager have continued working with Achaleon, most recently creating a new website and short case studies to promote the Saeker software. They are successfully beta testing with clients and report a strong sales pipeline.

What could we do for you?

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