Greyfield Consulting

Information security specialists re-brand and new website

Creating professional branding, stationery and website for an information security consultancy

Greyfield is a small consulting business, helping public and private sector organisations to keep critical information secure. Before leading a new sales drive, the Managing Director asked Achaleon to create fresh new branding and develop a website that did justice to their specialised services.

Our first priority was to develop a clear understanding of the challenges that their clients face and the different security situations that  lead to them hiring a specialist. As a part of this we researched the ISO27001 standard, which plays a key part in many of their projects.

Because of the sensitive nature of the business, we were unable to use case studies to demonstrate their expertise and track record. Instead we focused the website on building credibility, by explaining quickly and clearly the methods and standards that Greyfield employ. We also put in place a facility for their staff to share security bulletins with clients and other contacts.

Since adopting the new branding and putting the site live, the Managing Director has reported very positive feedback from within the industry and the business has enjoyed a period of successful growth.

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