A stunning consumer web site with interactive showroom

Generating sales leads and supporting distributors with a new website and interactive showroom

The miniQ product range was created by Zanetti Group to address the growing market for cost-effective kitchen refurbishments. When miniQ was launched, we developed trade advertising and other promotions to generate demand from kitchen installers and other people in the trade. As demand grew it became clear that trade advertising needed to be complemented by a consumer-oriented website, providing information, reassurance and aspirational imagery.

In order to help prospective customers to visualise the impact of miniQ in their existing kitchen, we created a ‘virtual showroom’. A simple, interactive tool, it allows you to quickly try out different combinations of units and worktops and to zoom in on samples of stone:

Search engine optimisation was also a priority. By researching keywords and incorporating them into our website texts, as well as building the site in a highly search-engine friendly way, the miniQ site achieved excellent positions in search results from the outset.

Management at Zanetti Group were delighted with the site. What’s more, in the weeks after it went live, the miniQ product manager reported a surge in interest, including a large number of new sales leads.

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