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Three ways to harness LinkedIn for your marketing

When your business is about selling complex technology products to business buyers, it can be hard to see how social media has direct relevance. Indeed, building up large numbers of Twitter followers or Facebook friends is unlikely to add anything much to the bottom line of most B2B tech businesses.

But there are huge differences between the social media platforms and who uses them. LinkedIn is unashamedly a business to business platform, optimised for people who want to buy, sell and build business relationships (not sharing holiday photos or bragging about their kids’ achievements).

My clients are almost all software, engineering and tech businesses and for some of them, LinkedIn is an important and effective part of their marketing strategy: Read More »

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The secret of outstanding marketing?

All great marketing is based on thing: customer insight.

The more you (and your marketing people) can see the world through your customers’ eyes, the more your marketing will be tuned in to their priorities.

How well do you really know your customers? What is going on in their businesses and in their lives? What are they excited about? What are they finding stressful?

You – and your marketing people – aren’t going to deepen your customer insights by chance; make this a measured marketing goal and plan time to make it happen.

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All publicity is good publicity. What?!

MicrophoneWhat’s the biggest mistake that the owner of a small technology company can make with their marketing and publicity?

  1. Jumping in with both feet; leaving people with the impression that you are careless or unprofessional, not to be trusted with important business?
  2. Holding back until everything is ready; always waiting for the right moment, so you end up missing great marketing opportunities and potential sales leads?

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How to write great case studies

A customer case study for marketingWhen you have limited time and resources to dedicate to marketing, it pays to focus on things that will really make a difference. Near the top of the marketing priority list is a good set of customer success stories or case studies. Read More »

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Less is more – even with mailing lists

Before you plan your next direct marketing or sales campaign, think carefully about how many people you need to contact.

If you have previously run campaigns that return, say, 20 sales leads per 1000 prospects, then your focus now should be designing a campaign that improves on that ratio.

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