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Solution to disappearing App Tabs in Firefox

If you use App Tabs in Firefox you’ll know how frustrating it is when you get to your PC in the morning, open up the browser and find they have all disappeared. This is due to a badly thought-out bit of programming and there doesn’t seem to be a direct solution. That’s why I have created my own little bit of code to fix it. Read More »

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Making WordPress Events Plugin Multilingual

This is a description of the approach I have used to make multilingual WordPress sites easier to format and translate. It’s not intended as a how-to guide, as there are so many variables involved, but it’s working very well for me, so I hope it helps you too. Read More »

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Responsive web design – ignore the techies and ask marketing

Responsive Design is the latest buzzword to make its presence felt in web development circles. Many are claiming that these techniques are the most pragmatic way to provide mobile-friendly websites, while others see this as yet another example of techies getting excited about clever code. Read More »

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A simple fix to a bizarre upgrade error: Unable to locate wordpress root directory

With WordPress, no database or domain operation is ever quite as simple as you might hope. But when things do go wrong, it’s always worth seeking out a simple solution. Read More »

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Goodbye Flash. Hello new iPad-friendly Virtual Showroom

No matter what you think of Apple’s strong-arm tactics, the fact remains that they have effectively killed-off Flash for mobile devices. I haven’t used Flash in web sites for some time now, but this week sees our first complete re-engineering of a Flash application in HTML. Read More »

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