All publicity is good publicity. What?!

Don’t take it literally, but there is sense in this idea

All publicity is good publicity. What?!

MicrophoneWhat’s the biggest mistake that the owner of a small technology company can make with their marketing and publicity?

  1. Jumping in with both feet; leaving people with the impression that you are careless or unprofessional, not to be trusted with important business?
  2. Holding back until everything is ready; always waiting for the right moment, so you end up missing great marketing opportunities and potential sales leads?

Pressure to compromise?

If you are proud to be a perfectionist (perhaps like Steve Jobs or James Dyson) then you would think there is little danger of making that first mistake. You wouldn’t rush out a marketing campaign any more than you would a new product update.

But in practice, the pressures of business can flip you very quickly from enjoying quiet success, to having a burning need for more sales. And this is when business owners, against their better judgement, allow poor quality marketing and PR to be rushed out at the expense of their hard-won reputation.

Planning for cost-effective, quality publicity

A far smarter approach is to create the foundations for good marketing now, while you have the time to plan properly and cost-effectively. Get the basics in place right away and decide how you will ramp-up your publicity and lead-generation activity when you need to.

Most small technology businesses don’t need a particularly sophisticated marketing strategy and there is usually plenty of low-hanging fruit that makes the marketing planning instantly worthwhile.

All good publicity?

So, what about our headline, all publicity is good publicity?

Well, once you start basing your marketing decisions on a clear strategy and simple plan, chances are all your publicity really will be good publicity.

Next steps

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