Goodbye Flash

Hello new iPad-friendly Virtual Showroom

Goodbye Flash. Hello new iPad-friendly Virtual Showroom

No matter what you think of Apple’s strong-arm tactics, the fact remains that they have effectively killed-off Flash for mobile devices. I haven’t used Flash in web sites for some time now, but this week sees our first complete re-engineering of a Flash application in HTML.

I just heard on the podcast that Adobe will no longer be developing Flash for mobile devices. Given Apple’s stance on Flash (“It’s bad for the web, so we won’t let Flash presentations, games and sites run on iPhones and iPads”) this is perhaps inevitable. And given how much you can now do with open technologies like jquery and HTML5, I think we’re all ready to move on to the next chapter anyway.

For me personally, the timing of this announcement was a little ironic. You see, I’ve just finished developing a ‘virtual showroom’ for a client, which is updating an almost indentical bit of functionality off their old web site.

The disadvantage of creating it in HTML and CSS rather than Flash is that we had to do a lot more testing – on different computers and in different browsers. But that aside, it’s great to see the finished product on my PC and Android phone, Mark’s Mac and his iPhone, all the same, all working perfectly.

You can check it out on the client’s new web site – click the ‘view the range’ button.


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