Strategy and messaging

Finding focus and delivering more persuasive marketing

Strategy and Messaging

By drawing out the true market strengths of your products and services, we create very powerful and often deceptively straight-forward marketing and sales messages.

Before you start investing in marketing campaigns – or brochures, websites or social media – we need to be clear about your potential customers. Who are they? What are their most compelling needs? How are they currently meeting those needs without you?

In the light of this understanding, we map out the key features and functions of your product/service. We pay particular attention to aspects which are unusual or which set you apart from competitors.

From this point it is usually clear which market segments or niches are going to be most receptive to what you offer. We can help you create a marketing plan that balances short-term pressures with the need to protect margins and develop strategic markets.

Once we have target markets in our sights, we develop a series of clear, compelling propositions –¬†reasons to buy. Sometimes the propositions for different market segments are quite similar; often they are expressed in radically different ways. But in all cases they are unambiguous, customer-oriented expressions of what makes you the best choice.

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