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If your products and services stand out from the crowd – if they are more innovative, more complex, more technical – you know it will take more than run-of-the-mill marketing to do them justice.
This is where Achaleon comes in. For over fifteen years our people have been helping technology firms to launch new products, promote their services and drive sales. No matter what marketing you need, we have the skills and experience to deliver:
Summary of marketing services for technology companies

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to the market
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We help software, engineering and technology companies to achieve their marketing goals with advice, support and marketing projects:

Marketing strategy and messaging

For the most successful marketing, we help you focus on areas where your technical advantages translate into the most compelling customer benefits. By drawing out the true strengths of your products and services, we create very powerful and often deceptively straight-forward marketing and sales messages. Read more

Websites and online marketing

With search engines, advertising networks and social media, competing online is more complex than ever before. We will help you cut through the hype, find the best ways to reach customers and engage them in the sales process. From initial ideas to completed website, we are committed to marketing results. Read more

Sales tools: brochures, presentations and more

How can you convert prospects into paying customers, faster? Because we get to know your products and services really well, we create persuasive, informative sales tools – from brochures and datasheets to presentations and interactive walkthroughs – that give your sales people a real edge. Read more

Media coverage: advertising and PR

When your target buyers and influencers read about you in magazines and journals, they are paving the way for easier sales. We will help you with the press releases and advertising campaigns that you need to build awareness, create positive perceptions and generate sales enquiries. Read more

Email, newsletters and direct mail

Whether you are targeting new or repeat business, direct mail can help you create and maintain relationships as well as delivering timely offers. We can advise you about the most effective marketing approaches – including email, postal and integrated campaigns. We also have the technical expertise to maximise the delivery and success rate of emails. Read more

What do you need to achieve with your marketing?

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